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  • Black Ops Carbon Filters
    Black Ops Carbon Filters Black Ops Carbon filters feature virgin activated Australian RC-412 granular carbon. The activated carbon absorbs and traps pollutant molecules within the carbon removing contaminants, odors and impurities from the air. Machine packing allows for more carbon and less movemen..
  • Bug Screens
    Bug Screens Active carbon inserts proven to catch all bugs, mold and mildew. Minimal air flow restriction. Easily slips on and off inline fans. Mildew and UV resistant. Custom fit 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes. *Please Specify Size ..
  • Can Filters
    Can Filters Can-Filters provides one of natures best odor control materials, activated carbon. Can CKV-4 (carbon type) is specially developed for this purpose. ..
  • Can Filters Flanges
    Can Filters Flanges The flange is used to connect the Can Filter to the ducting or Can-Fan, this is for airflow out of the ventilated area. Flanges range in size from 4 - 14 inches depending on your specific needs ..
  • Can Max Filter
    Can Max Filter When you need max air flow reach for the Max-Filter 2500 CFM. The objective when constructing the Max-Filter was high air flow, convenience and effectiveness. The Max-Filter has been constructed with light weight aluminum (over 40% perforated) and high capacity carbon with an outside ..
    $341.42 $426.65
  • Can-Lite Active Filters
    These filters use 10% more virgin activated Australian RC light weight granular carbon. The bed depth is 2 in. Up to 2.5 years of life expectancy. All filters include a low resistance pre-filter. Each filter is shrink wrapped, boxed and labeled for ease of use. ..
  • Horti-Control Dust Shroom
    Dust Shroom This revolutionary product will keep your air cooled reflectors dust free, and keep mold and harmful bacteria out of your garden! Comes Pre-Oiled WASHABLE and RE-USABLE Shipped in discreet plain brown box FILTERS ALL DEBRIS DOWN TO .1 MICRON ENGINEERED and BUILT by UNI FILTER ZERO CFM LO..
  • Phresh Carbon Filters
    Phresh Carbon Filters 1) Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of competitive filters. 2) 6mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon bed. 3) Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement. 4) Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow. 5) Sealed, bagged,..
  • Phresh Duct Silencers
    Phresh Duct Silencers Sound reducing acoustic foam decreases fan noise by up to 50%. Use with fans in conjunction with carbon filters, light systems and more. Durable and light weight aluminum body. Compact size is easy to install. Attach a Phresh® Silencer to the intake or exhaust side of an inline..
  • Phresh Inline Filters
    Phresh Inline Filters Carbon filters are no longer just for the ends of your air filtration system. Now they can be installed “in-line” like the lights and fans. It is the same Phresh® Carbon Filter users’ trust, built into an air conserving body. Point to point air movement and filtration. Phresh® ..
  • Phresh Intake Filters
    Phresh Intake Filters •Keeps 99.9% of bugs, molds, pollen and dust from entering grow room. •Use for intake filtering, scrubbing and low intensity exhaust filtering. •Ultra light filters use advanced nano carbon felt technology. •Patented pleating for massive surface area and high air flow. •Maintai..