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  • Clonex Cloning Solution
    Clonex Cloning Solution Clonex Clone Solution is a clone-specific nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals and other helpful ingredients. Used with Clonex gel and other rooting agents, Clonex® Clone Solution assists in the cloning process while helping to minimize stress. Clonex Clone ..
  • Clonex Rooting Gel
    Clonex Rooting Gel A thick gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to promote new root tissue. Clonex has a full spectrum of primary nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots pl..
  • Dip N Grow Solution
    Dip N Grow Solution Choice of professional plant propagators. Roots everything - from hardwoods to succulents. Cost effective solution for cuttings! ..
  • General Hydroponics RapidStart
    General Hydroponics RapidStart Rapidstart enhances your growing experience by delivering a powerful blend of premium plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients generating explosive root growth. Using Rapidstart stimulates prolific root branching and development of fine root hairs that increase nutri..
  • Grow More Rapid Root
    EPA registered cloning powder, 1 ounce of Rapid Root powder will treat over 1,500 cuttings. Our one dip treatment powder prevents cross contamination problems associated with liquid products. University tested system that parallels nature’s own rooting action. ..
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  • Hormex Concentrate
    Hormex Concentrate A vitamin, hormone concentrate and root growth stimulant. Hormex® prevents transplant shock by stimulating growth of the small feeder roots, which become damaged during trasplanting. ..
  • Nutrifield Root Nectar
    Nutrifield Root Nectar Root Nectar™ can be used in all hydroponic systems and substrates. It can be used on cuttings & seedlings directly or used to soak growing mediums to prepare for transplants, and when brewing teas. Root Nectar™ is versatile, effective, and something your garden is incomple..
  • OG Biowar Nute Pack
    OG Biowar Nute Pack The highly concentrated NUTE PACK is an ideal way to boost your plants ability to do what it does best: grow and flower. With the proper application, you will see a noticeable difference in growth, yield and overall vigor. ..
  • OG Biowar Root Pack
    OG Biowar Root Pack The root pack is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated beneficial fungi and bacteria. The root pack may promote plant health by boosting the immune system, increasing shoot and root growth, multiplying flower production, and contributing to the overall well being of your pla..
  • Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae
    Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae Great White is the most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today. The combination of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, trichoderma, and plant vitamins will give your platns a strong and developed root system. This will enable your plants to break down an..
  • Rootech Cloning Gel
    Rootech Cloning Gel is an exceptional recipe containing a powerful hormone especially formulated to promote rapid, healthy root development during vegetative propagation. At application, Rootechs unique formulation surrounds the stem so it can be used immediately. Technafloras original formulation i..
  • Roots Organic Oregonism XL
    Roots Organic Oregonism XL A distinctive super-soluble formulation of endo/ecto mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma. The micro-organisms are specifically selected for fruiting and flowering plants with a tolerance to heavy fertilizing. Mycorrhizae colonize the root zone, forming a symb..