Temp / Humidity Controllers

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  • Sentinel GPS BEC-1a Basic Environmental Controllers
    The BEC-1a Basic Environmental Controller is designed to control fans, air conditioners, dehumidifier and other equipment in gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms or other environments. The BEC-1a can operate in 3 different modes: cooling/dehumidification, cooling only or dehumidification only. The BEC-1..
  • Sentinel GPS BHC-1a Basic Humidity Controllers
    The BHC-1a Basic Humidity Controller is designed to control fans, dehumidifier, humidifiers, misters and other ventilation equipment in gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms or other environments. The BHC-1a can operate in either dehumidification or humidification modes. The BHC-1a features a readily vis..
  • Titan Controls Apollo 2 - Cycle Timer with Photocell
    The ETL listed Apollo 2 Recycle Timer with photocell provides the perfect solution to your short cycle timing requirements. It has a 10 second to 20 minutes 'ON TIME' to activate your grow gear, and 1 minute to 12 hours 'OFF TIME' to turn it off as needed. It can be set for daytime only, nightime on..
    $72.00 $89.95
  • Titan Controls Eos 1 - Humidify/Dehumidify Controller
    The Eos 1 is the complete solution for your humidity requirements. It features a powder coated durable steel chassis, piggyback cordset for easy wiring and convenient switch to flip from humidify to dehumidify depending on your gardens needs. The Eos 1 will control any 120 Volt/15 Amp humidity gear ..
    $103.20 $128.95
  • Titan Controls Hades 3 - Lighting Timer & High Temp Shut-Off
    All in one digital lighting timer for use with trigger cord activated lighting systems! Set the preferred lighting schedule for a 24 hour period, then dial in the high temp limit and you're set to go! It even comes with a battery back-up in case of power failure and a 20 minute delay to avoid 'hot s..
    $102.40 $127.95
  • Titan Controls Mercury 2 - Fan Speed Controller
    The Mercury 2 is a fully adjustable fan speed controller used to ventilate your garden. The innovative 'fire-up' feature provides full power for your fan upon start up and then slows to the desired fan speed setting on the dial. This extends the life of the fan by properly controlling the electrical..
    $62.40 $77.95
  • Titan Controls Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Controller
    The Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Speed controller provides the indoor gardener with perfect ventilation control. Easy to use. Just plug your fan into the controller, set the day and night temperature required for your garden, and then let the Mercury 3 do the rest of the work for you. Nothing better th..
    $96.00 $119.95
  • Titan Controls Zephyr 1 - Day/Night Temp Controller
    The Zephyr 1 Day/night temperature controller is something every gardener should have tending their indoor garden. Set your day and night temperature on the dial, and the controller does the rest of the work for you. The Zephyr 1 provides the ease of use and dependability you've been looking for in ..
    $72.00 $89.95
  • Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay
    The US/Canadian ETL listed Zephyr 2 is the answer for the grower that has high heat issues created by the HID lights & environment in their garden. It shuts down your lighting system if the heat exceeds your preferred temperature setting, and then delays the 'striking' of your lights from one(1)..
    $72.00 $89.95
  • Titan Controls Zephyr 3 - Heating/Cooling Controller
    The Zephyr 3 Heating/Cooling controller provides precise temperature control of your heating and cooling equipment. With a broad temperature range (40°F to 100°F), the grower can adjust their environment to the perfect range for their plants! It's got a 4°F split differential and can be adjusted fro..
    $74.40 $92.95
  • Titan Controls Zephyr 4 - Cooling Thermostat - Fan Control
    The Zephyr 4 - Fan controller from Titan Controls gives the grower the cooling power that they are looking for in a temperature controller. Easy to use - plug exhaust fan into piggyback cord set, then plug piggyback cord set into 120 volt wall outlet. Set thermostat to the temperature you want, and ..
    $64.00 $79.95