Dry Sieve

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  • Honey Bee 100 Micron Trays
    Honey Bee Micron Trays The finest screen is 100 micron. These trays will fit onto the Honey Bee Base Tray, or under the Yellow 150 Micron Screen on the base Tray. Made for sifting pollen off manicured flowers. Makes great material to Rosin Press ..
  • Honey Bee Pollen & Trim Tray Kit
    Honey Bee Pollen & Trim Tray Kit The Honey Bee Pollen Collection & Trimming Tray is two helpful products in one. Finally gardeners have a feather-light laptop trimming surface that will separate flower pollen while manicuring. Our trays feature a comfortable nonslip base, 150 micron stainles..
    $40.00 $49.99
  • The Trim Bin
    The Trim Bin has an engineered design for optimum ergonomics and comfort. The wide, rounded edges prevent wrist pain & the high walls create a clean and organized work space. The Trim Bin comes with a 150 Micron stainless steel screen & a mirror finish collection tray and Static Brush. 1 yea..
    $48.00 $60.00