Rotary Evaporators

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  • Across International Ai SolventVap 0.5-Gallon/2L Rotary Evaporator w/ Manual Lift
    A rotary evaporator is a device used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. The process of rotary evaporation is most often used to separate solvents with low boiling points, such a n-hexane or ethyl acetate, from compounds which are so..
  • RE-2000A Rotary Evaporator
    Specifications: -Glass Material: GG-17 -Shelf Material: Aluminum Alloy -Pot Material: Teflon composite, fully sealing and heating -Rotary Body Capacity: 1L -Collection Bottle: 1L -Rotary Power: 40W -Rotary Speed: 0-180RPM -Heating Power: 1.5KW -Bath Temp Control Range: 0-99c -Temperature C..