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  • Botanicare Cocogro
    Botanicare has sourced the worlds most premium coir fiber for our Cocogro Soilless Grow Media. CocoGros long fibers reduce dust and give ample air space within the mix and also provides excellent drainage; qualities that are vital for strong root development. CocoGro has been naturally washed of har..
    $18.99 $24.95
  • Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration
    Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Now with High Pith Coir ReadyGro is a premium blend of select, all-natural and organic-based ingredients, with an optimum air to water ratio, for superior yields and growth rates compared to conventional potting soils. This blend is specifically designed for automated hy..
    $12.99 $28.95
  • Cocoteck Basket Liner
    Cocoteck Basket Liner CocoTek products have become an instant hit! They are 100% organic and environmentally friendly (product will break down in 3 years), yet very durable because fibers are woven not shredded like compressed coco bricks ..
  • CocoTek Bricks
    General Hydroponics CocoTek is pH balanced and contains low sodium content for coir fiber. It increases water holding capacity and nutrient retention, expanding to 5 times it’s condensed brick size. CocoTek® can be mixed with any other growing media. The "mixed" brick contains coconut chips, fibe..
  • CocoTek Mats
    General Hydroponics CocoTek Grow mats are made from a strong weave containing 100% organic coconut fiber and natural rubber. Roots will thrive in this natural media. These mats can be easily cut to fit any size application and are designed to lay underneath baskets, slabs and cubes. Roots will grow ..
  • GH CocoTek PX Premium Coir with Perlite
    GH CocoTek PX Premium Coir with Perlite General Hydroponics CocoTek PX 70% Premium Coir with 30% Perlite has increased drainage, aeration and increased root respiration. General Hydroponics’ CocoTek Coir is available in loose-fill bags and OMRI certified Bricks and Blocks. CocoTek Premium Coir is na..
    $19.99 $28.26
  • Growstones Super Soil Aerator
    Growstone Soil Aerator is an ideal soil amendment made entirely from recycled materials. Growstones are a sustainable, engineered alternative to perlite or other soil amendments used to improve soil texture and structure. Growstones help you build the best soil for water retention, drainage and aera..
    $25.99 $31.99
  • Mother Earth Large & Coarse Perlite #3
    Mother Earth Large & Coarse Perlite #4 Mother Earth Perlite is naturally occurring siliceous rock that when heated to 1600 F expands up to 20 times its original volume. This kilning process is very similar to popping popcorn and produces a growing medium that is sterile and has a neutral pH of 7..
    $31.99 $45.95
  • NF Coco mega brick
    The NF Coco mega brick is the fastest expanding brick on the market. It arrives dried and compressed for ease of transportation, storage and handling. The brick consists of 100% Coco coir (not peat like inferior products). NF Coco mega brick is your superior bio-degradable, pre-buffered organic wate..
    $9.60 $12.00
  • Nutrifield’s NF Coco
    Nutrifield’s NF Premium Coco is your ultimate organic based growing medium. The medium is produced from coconut husks following a precise ageing and treatment process. The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material to ensure long lasting physical properties preventing the media from decomposing or..
    $19.99 $24.99
  • Roots Organic Soilless Coco Mix
    A unique formulation of the highest quality coco fiber/Coir on the planet which is repeatedly washed for an incredibly low EC, composted for over twenty-four months, and specially blended with extra long fibers, perlite, and pumice. Lightly amended with a starter charge of organic fertilizers like b..
    $19.99 $28.95