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  • Growstone Gnat Nix
    Gnat Nix!™ is the only scientifically proven, environmentally friendly fungus gnat control product on the market. Trials at Kansas University have shown that used as a top dressing, Gnat Nix! is an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Bottom line: Plants love it. Gnats don’t. How It Work..
  • Growstones Super Soil Aerator
    Growstone Soil Aerator is an ideal soil amendment made entirely from recycled materials. Growstones are a sustainable, engineered alternative to perlite or other soil amendments used to improve soil texture and structure. Growstones help you build the best soil for water retention, drainage and aera..
    $25.99 $31.99
  • Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic
    Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic Substrate is the perfect growing media for use in hydroponic growing systems as simple as manually irrigated containers or as advanced as automatically drip irrigated containers, Ebb-Flow systems and NFT tables. It replaces strip-mined materials like clay pebbles or st..
    $25.99 $31.99