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  • Growstones Super Soil Aerator
    Growstone Soil Aerator is an ideal soil amendment made entirely from recycled materials. Growstones are a sustainable, engineered alternative to perlite or other soil amendments used to improve soil texture and structure. Growstones help you build the best soil for water retention, drainage and aera..
    $25.99 $31.99
  • Mother Earth Hydroton Original
    The original Hydroton® brand expanded clay is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Germany. This natural clay is mined, formed into pellets, then kiln fired at high temperatures to cause the clay to expand into tough, lightweight balls. Clay naturally has balanced capillary action, ..
  • Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic
    Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic Substrate is the perfect growing media for use in hydroponic growing systems as simple as manually irrigated containers or as advanced as automatically drip irrigated containers, Ebb-Flow systems and NFT tables. It replaces strip-mined materials like clay pebbles or st..
    $25.99 $31.99