Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics offers different ways to irrigate your plants. PASSIVE IRRIGATION uses porous material such as gravel and vermiculite to ensure that air trapped inside the spaces nourishes the roots. Hydroponic systems and flood trays allow you to control the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants. This category of hydroponic systems includes hydroponic and aeroponic systems, ebb and flow systems, flood trays, and reservoirs. Hydroponic systems include reservoirs and growing mediums that promote the circulation of nutrients, ensuring that nutrients, water, and oxygen reach your plant. A reservoir is ideal for storing water and nutrient solutions for hydroponic gardens. A hydroponic flood tray is usually designed to ensure maximum drainage. Ensure that the flood tray you buy is sufficiently strong. Aeroponic systems maximize the amount of oxygen to your plants, which increases the uptake of nutrients and water, resulting in better, disease-free growth.