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  • General Organics BioBud
    General Organics BioBud BioBud is a powerful bloom stimulator that generates explosive flowering and massive fruit production. BioBud increases metabolic activity and mineral uptake by utilizing bio-stimulants and organic transport enhancers. This induces abundant, dense floral clusters during the c..
  • General Organics BioMarine
    General Organics BioMarine BioMarine is a completely organic fish fertilizer that encourages rapid growth, improves color, and helps increase plant’s resistance to pests. Essential proteins, oils, and nutrients are derived from a cold processed enzymatically digested fish. This supports healthy gr..
  • General Organics BioRoot
    General Organics BioRoot BioRoot is a natural root growth supplement that helps plants establish healthy and vibrant root systems. It contains vitamins, enzymes, organic and humic acids that stimulate root growth. BioRoot is outstanding for seedlings and cuttings, helping young plants develop strong..
  • General Organics BioThrive Bloom
    General Organics BioThrive Bloom BioThrive Bloom provides flowering and fruiting plants with essential nutrients, perfectly balanced for superior blooms and bountiful harvests. Specially designed to maximize flower, fruit, and seed production, this unique formulation will give you bigger, more nutri..
  • General Organics BioThrive Grow
    General Organics BioThrive Grow BioThrive Grow is formulated to maximize vegetative growth by supplying plants with a custom diet that stimulates vigorous root and foliage development. Through proper nutrition, we create a strong frame for later flower, fruit, and seed production. Use BioThrive Grow..
  • General Organics BioWeed
    General Organics BioWeed BioWeed is derived from a blend of cold processed seaweeds that act as a plant and soil vitality enhancer. Seaweeds have long been recognized as stress reducing agents and powerful plant boosters. BioWeed encourages prolific root and foliage growth as well as larger flowers ..
  • General Organics CaMg +
    General Organics CaMg + CaMg+ is the ideal supplement to provide a natural source of Calcium and Magnesium, critical elements in a plants growth cycle. These elements are often absent in many fertilizers and potting mixes, resulting in stunted growth. CaMg+ is biologically catalyzed from oyster shel..
  • General Organics Diamond Black
    General Organics Diamond Black Diamond Black is derived from 100% pure Leonardite, a naturally occurring form of carbon drawn from prehistoric peat bogs. Diamond Black contains an exceptionally high percentage of plant-active humates. These organic compounds improve nutrient absorption, stimulate mi..
  • GH General Organics Go Box
    GH General Organics Go Box General Organics® provides gardeners with a complete line of premium biological plant foods and supplements. We combine the time-tested ingredients of traditional agriculture with sustainable and efficient methods of modern cultivation. General Organics® now has the GO Box..
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