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  • Grow More BioCozyme
    Grow More BioCozyme A 100% organic biostimulant that enhances a plants ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. Derived from natural occurring cytokinins, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients. Works by enhancing the plants ability to control the movement of nutrients throug..
  • Grow More Hawaiian Bud 1.5 lb
    Grow More Hawaiian Bud 1.5 lb Specially formulated to supply phosphate and potash for late flowering cycle. Fortified with six trace elements plus Humic Acid and Norwegian kelp extract to help produce heavy weight flowers and buds. Correct nutrient ratio to mobilize essential oils and resins fo..
    $11.99 $14.99
  • Grow More Hula Bloom 1.5 lb
    Grow More Hula Bloom 1.5 lb Hula Bloom is formulated to help increase flowering quality and development of blooms, while helping to increase yields. Hula Bloom provides super phosphates and minerals that are rapidly absorbed in the flowering and final ripening stages of plant growth for a superio..
    $13.59 $16.99
  • Grow More Mendocino Avalanche
    Grow More Mendocino Avalanche Flower hardener specially developed and field tested in the Emerald Triangle of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties in Northern California. Helps stimulate flower development in the final bloom stage, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers. Fortified wi..
  • Grow More Mendocino Honey
    Grow More Mendocino Honey Natural organic honey plus montmorillinite, a source of over 70 trace elements. A naturally sweet carbohydrate plus organic carbon to stimulate growth. When used in a hydroponic system, it supplies a valuable source of organic carbon & carbohydrates. Increases brix l..