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  • Blue Lab Combo Meter
    Blue Lab Combo Meter Light weight and portable Measures pH, Nutrient and Temperature Three display options for nutrient - EC, CF, ppm (500 scale) Two display options for temperature (C or F) Three calibration points, 4, 7 and 10 pH Temperature at a push of a button Simple push button pH calibration ..
    $246.00 $308.00
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor
    Bluelab Guardian Monitor In just one glance it measures all three critical parameters for successful growth pH, conductivity and temperature. Adjustable brightness display. Large easy to read, Plant Safe green LED displays. Selectable values for conductivity and temperature. Simple push button pH ca..
    $291.00 $364.00
  • Bluelab Original Truncheon Meter
    Bluelab Original Truncheon Meter With its super tough, high quality, fully waterproof design, no calibration required, daylight readable blue LED's and no on/off buttons to worry about, the Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter has proven itself as the world's favourite nutrient meter. It is powered by ..
    $112.00 $140.00
  • Bluelab pH Pen
    Bluelab pH Pen Measures pH and temperature. Selectable units for ˚C & ˚F. Backlit LCD display. Double junction probe (not replaceable). Successful calibration indicator. Hold reading function and low battery warning. Fully waterproof with auto off function. Automatic temperature compensation. Ra..
    $90.00 $112.50
  • Bluelab PPM Pen
    Bluelab PPM Pen Measures conductivity and temperature. Selectable units for conductivity and temperature. Backlit LCD display with low battery warning. Successful calibration indicator and calibration is optional. Fully waterproof. Auto off function and hold reading function. Automatic temperature c..
    $75.00 $94.00
  • Bluelab Replacement pH Probe
    Bluelab Replacement pH Probe ..
    $65.56 $81.95
  • BlueLab Soil pH Probe
    BlueLab Soil pH Probe If you need to measure the pH level of soil, media or substrates, then the Bluelab® Soil pH Meter is just what you need! Our meter can be used by everybody from the home enthusiast to commercial growers. 5 year Bluelab Guarantee (6 month for probe). Quality soil pH probe includ..
    $96.00 $120.00
  • hanna replacement battery
    hanna replacement battery ..
    $6.65 $8.33
  • Hanna Replacement pH Probe
    Hanna Replacement pH Probe ..
    $58.36 $72.95
  • Rapitest Digital Soil PH Meter
    Rapitest Digital Soil PH Meter Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil. All plants have a pH preference, so it is important to know the pH level of your soil. You can choose plants with the same pH preferences, avoid those that wil..
    $11.99 $14.95