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  • 1 Gallon Flo-Master Pump Sprayer
    1 Gallon Flo-Master Pump Sprayer The 1 gallon Flo-MasterĀ® pump sprayer is an all-purpose sprayer. It features: Funnel top with pour spout. Durable poly construction. Corrosion resistant poly wand and adjustable nozzle. Poly flow control with lock-on feature. ..
    $17.56 $21.95
  • Precipitator 360 32oz Spray Bottle
    Precipitator 360 32oz Spray Bottle The Precipitator 360 sprayer is equipped with a nozzle that rotates a full 360 degrees and holds that position to spray in any direction. By simply turning the nozzle, you eliminate the need to tilt the bottle. This improves efficiency, eliminates trigger failure a..
    $4.40 $5.49
  • Rainmaker 360 Spray Bottle
    The Rainmaker 360 Degree Spray Bottle 32 ounce is made of a translucent plastic with graduations for easy viewing of liquid levels. This sprayer has a full 360 degree rotational nozzle that allows you to spray up, down, left and right without awkwardly needing to tilt the bottle to your intende..
    $4.39 $5.49
  • Rainmaker Pressurized Pump Sprayer
    This is a heavy duty, refillable pump sprayer. It features an adjustable brass spray nozzle. Capacity is 64 oz/1.9 Liters. Use to apply most pest/disease control products, foliar sprays or cleaning agents. ..
    $8.76 $10.95
  • Root Lowell Commercial Portable Sprayer/Atomizer
    Root Lowell Commercial Portable Sprayer/Atomizer This industrial grade atomizer can spray a wide variety of foliar feed products as well as pest and disease control products. This portable unit is meant to be carried around by the user as the liquid is dispensed. Capacity: 2 gallon. Adjustable Flow:..
    $242.40 $302.95
  • Solo Directional Sprayer
    Solo Directional Sprayer Solo's handheld sprayer is a one-hand pressure sprayer with a telescoping wand that is adjustable from 12" to 23" for comfortable ground level spraying without bending. The high-density polyethylene tank is UV resistant and has a 2 liter capacity. A high efficiency piston pu..
    $21.60 $26.95