Irrigation Accessories

Hoses, parts, punches, elbows, etc.
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  • Dripper Stakes w/Basket - Black
    Made of the highest quality materials ..
    $0.42 $0.53
  • EcoPlus Barbed Connectors and Valves
    Use these high quality connectors and valves for your irrigation systems or hydroponic systems. ..
  • EcoPlus Ebb and Flow Fittings
    •Manufactured using the finest quality materials. •All pieces offered a la carte for maximum flexibility. ..
  • EZ-Clone Sprayers
    EZ-Clone Sprayers ..
  • Grommets
    These grommets can be used to replace old, worn grommets in your hydroponic systems and are essential components when making a system from scratch. ..
  • Hydro Flow Barbed Ball Valves
    Hydro Flow Barbed Ball Valves Our complete line of fittings is known for its superior performance and reliability. These non-corrosive plastic fittings are guaranteed to provided a secure, watertight and airtight connection. These fittings offer strength and durability. Hydro Flow® Barbed Ball Valve..
  • Hydro Flow Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit
    Hydro Flow Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit Kit includes: 1 - 1/2 in Tub Outlet Fitting, 1 - 3/4 in Tub Outlet Fitting, 2 - Screen Fittings and 3 - Outlet Extension Fittings. Manufactured using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Made with 100% virgin plastic. Hydro Flow® Tub Outlet Fittings e..
    $5.19 $6.49
  • Hydro Flow Premium Vinyl Tubing - Black
    Hydro Flow Premium Vinyl Tubing - Black Food grade. Made with FDA approved materials. Excellent quality. Made in USA. ..
  • Hydro Flow Rain Ring
    Hydro Flow Rain Ring The Hydro Flow® Rain Ring™ is a great solution for automating your garden. Its versatility allows you to effectively water soil as well as hydroponic growing media, without using small irrigation lines and drip stakes. The Rain Ring™ has several strategically positioned distribu..
  • Hydro Flow Uniseals
    Hydro Flow Uniseals Hydro Flow® Uniseal is ideal for creating a secure seal in seconds for your reservoir or hydroponic system using PVC hard pipe or fittings. Available in 1/4" bag of 10 3/8" bag of 10 1/2" bag of 10 3/4" 1" 1 1/2" 2" 3" 4" ..