Water Treatment

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  • Cultured Solutions UC Roots
    UC Roots UC ROOTS is a multipurpose root zone optimizer that uses proprietary chemistry to aid in mineral descaling and the removal of potentially harmful biofilms in nutrient reservoirs. By reducing the potential habitat for plant pathogens, UC ROOTS has been shown to aid in root development. UC RO..
  • Dutch Master Gold Zone
    DutchMaster Gold Zone We all know that fast growing plants have a big demand for food and water but did you know that if your root system is not optimized then your plants might be missing out on the ability to uptake all that they need? Zone ensures that your root system and environment are optimiz..
  • General Hydroponics FloraShield
    General Hydroponics FloraShield FloraShield protects roots and seeds. It is a unique combination of anti-microbial compounds extremely effective against plant disease. Safe to use on actively growing plants at all growth stages ..
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 30%
    Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 30%. Shipping not available for this product. In store buy only. ..
  • Hygrozyme
    Hygrozyme is a true breakthrough in enzyme based products that breaks down old root mass to allow for and stimulate new growth. Manufactured in an entirely unique way, Hygrozyme offers growers a number of advantages over competing products. It is bacteria free meaning that it has a virtually unlimit..
  • Microbe Life Dechlorinator+
    Microbe Life Dechlorinator+ A full-function water conditioner that will neutralize chlorine, destroy chloramines, while adding essential electrolytes and alkalinity boosters (acid neutralizing). Formulated with R/O and UV sterilized water. ..
  • Nutrilife SM-90
    Nutrilife SM-90 For plant disease control, SM-90 is treatment for insect and fungal infestations. May be used to treat root diseases, molds, mildew, leaf spot. Applied directly to foliage, SM-90 discourages and eliminates many common pests, including aphids, thrips, spider mites and whiteflies. Also..
  • Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
    Z7 Enzyme Cleanser Z7 is a two part proprietary enzymatic cleanser that is super concentrated. Z7 is not a plant food, it simply allows plant foods to work better because the nutrients that you are feeding them can actually get into the roots easier. Growers report a 25% decrease in plant food costs..